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Business Proposition launched within 8 weeks

What was the problem

Bytronic is an privately owned SME and had a good reputation as a “vision system integration business”. However, it felt it’s capabilities were being undersold and not “commercialised”

How did we help

Proflex ran workshops with the senior management team and engineers to list out the companies “all benefits” value proposition and then engaged with it’s customers to capture the customer value being delivered…challenged the senior team to re-visit it’s proposition.┬áThis process was enlightening as it brought home realisation that the business was not selling a lot of it’s products, services..capabilities that offered huge scope for growth!

The recommendation to develop the Bytronic business proposition and it’s brand and communication strategy was accepted

What were the results

A new business proposition “transforming manufacturing performance” and it’s 5 core product and service offerings, along with a number of individual products were developed and launched in readiness for major international trade shows.

All creative development (design and content) managed directly with the agency. Corporate brochure, product sheets and a new look website (re-developed site architecture, content and design, plus improve it’s responsiveness)

launched within 8 weeks of initial project approval..