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Value proposition – a catalyst for change.

What was the situation

Lord, had managed to grow the business successfully during the global recession but felt it needed to re-fresh it’s website and corporate communications as the market was increasingly tough and generic perception of what recruitment companies created in terms of customer value was declining.

How did we help

Initially Proflex carried out a bench marking exercise against key competitors and from their own personal knowledge as a previous candidate/client evaluated the Lords’ brand stategy to prepare a project proposal.

The recommendation was to look at the total Lord customer value proposition, the existing website did not capture or communicate the true Lord proposition…this was accepted.

A series of internal workshops were carried out to understand how the staff understood Lord created customer value and then tested this with both face to face interviews and conference calls with a wide range of Lords’ existing customers.

The results presented back were enlightening. The Lord value creation process was not clearly understood by it’s customers. However, prompted awareness of the Lord service proposition was strong and offered clear differentiation from it’s competitors.

What were the results

15- 20 days

  • A new Lord customer value proposition and brand and communication strategy were developed with a new website commissioned for the Lord group (functionality, content and design). Proflex managed both the design and development of the site and generated site content.
  • The process highlighted the need for a more proactive approach to customer relationships and cross functional teamwork to maximise the existing potential for it’s services within it’s client base. “A catalyst for change”