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We create customer value.

We think of every step you take to sell, service and manage your customers

Often small to medium sized businesses struggle with marketing. The marketing function is often treated as a cost centre used for ad hoc activities that don’t produce measurable results and often perceived as non – strategic.

In recognising this Proflex has put together a comprehensive  set of tools and techniques to take customers through a business improvement process often transforming their outlook on their own business and their future.


We consider:

  • Your knowledge of the market and your strategy to penetrate it.
  • The distribution channels you use to connect with your customers
  • The messages you deliver to the market
  • The experience you deliver to your market and customers
  • The actions of your sales team
  • Planning, preparation, forecasting, measurements of your investments

Brand & Marketing Communications

What should your brand represent ?

Sales Strategy & Sales Process re-engineering

Define, Determine, Deliver, Repeat.

E Commerce strategy – Website design & development

Build a business not a website

Customer Relationship Management:

A fool with a tool, is still a fool!

Competitive Positioning & Customer Value Propositions

What sets your product, service and company apart from your competitors?

Business Planning & Performance Management

“You cannot manage, what you cannot measure”