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A fool with a tool, is still a fool!

Less admin, more sales

Why is it important for growth?

  • Get more out of your established customers.
  • Organise and collect data for future sales opportunities
  •  Identify and concentrate on your best customers
  • Can really help focus on the most valuable customers (a properly populated data base can turn up all sorts of information)
  • Target your customer development efforts
  •  Pay closer attention to lead analysis. Which leads are most likely to become customers? What are they likely to purchase?
  •  Keep your existing customers loyal.
  • Customer satisfaction; keep your promises to customers and also meet their demonstrated needs.
  • Work smarter, not just harder

Better information at your finger – tips you can make smarter decisions.

CRM is not an IT tool it is a way of working. Proflex will show you how to simply put the customer at the centre of your business